Success doesn’t happen by accident – it demands careful thought, research, and planning. Eirnin Consulting provides independent research and analysis that enables your company to make informed business decisions, avoid costly blunders, and win in the marketplace.

Market Assessments

Developing a new product? Searching for new opportunities for your existing product? A market assessment can help your understand opportunities in the marketplace and clarify your options by compiling comprehensive knowledge on:

  • Market Size — Estimate the current and future size of your product’s target market, based on public and private data sources.
  • Customer Characteristics — Consolidate internal and external data on your customers through direct interviews with customers, partners, and employees.
  • Key Success Factors — Identify the variables that impact your position in the market, such as distribution channels, pricing, and competitive landscape.

Understanding your market is the first step on the path to success. Eirnin Consulting’s market assessments deliver comprehensive current information and actionable recommendations that clearly define the critical steps to achieve market success.

Competitor Analysis

Accurate competitive information is a critical component of a company’s strategy to win in a market. Conducting structured competitor analysis on a regularly scheduled basis provides your company with:

  • Competitor Profiles — Summarize each competitor’s product line, sales channels, pricing, and capabilities versus your organization and its offerings.
  • Hands-On Product Testing — Identify product deficiencies, your sales team can use to position your solution and dislodge a competitor.

Eirnin Consulting’s competitive analysis generates accurate and timely competitive information that you can use to refine marketing messages, and position your product to pre-empt competitors in competitive sales situations.

Client Testimonial

Eirnin Consulting was hired by Absolute Software to help with some key roadmap and planning efforts...I would recommend them for any technology company, especially in the Vancouver, BC, or the Bay Area needing Product Management expertise.

- Bill Hunk, Absolute Software