Even a great product needs fantastic marketing to successfully communicate the product’s benefits. Eirnin Consulting crafts compelling product collateral, product demonstrations, and sales tools to educate your customers, enable your sales team, and drive your revenues.

Product Collateral

Effective collateral presents a product in a clear and credible fashion, and positions it in a way that can’t be replicated by competitors. Each stakeholder involved in a purchase decision requires different collateral to understand your product and how it addresses their needs:

  • Technical Influencers — Require a technical white paper that details how the product is deployed and integrated into an existing IT environment.
  • Business Decision Makers — Require a business white paper that delivers a non-technical product overview and a business case for deploying the solution.
  • Project Leaders — Require customer case studies demonstrating past successes to garner executive support and secure budget approval.

Eirnin Consulting works with your team to define crisp messaging and positioning for your product, and generate product collateral that correctly sets customer expectations, and wins the approval of technical and business stakeholders alike.

Product Demonstrations

A great demonstration highlights your product’s unique capabilities, and reinforces the product positioning. Instead of relying on impromptu demonstrations, your product should have a demonstration kit that is:

  • Reliable — Avoids embarrassing “technical difficulties” in the middle of a demonstration that erode customer confidence in the product.
  • Reproducible — Focuses the demonstration on highlighting the right functionality and product messaging every time.
  • Re-usable — Maximizes your investment by delivering multiple demonstration formats that can be tailored to different delivery vehicles.

Eirnin Consulting crafts product demonstrations can be used by sales personnel as part of a customer presentation, or distributed via your web site or USB stick to engage potential customers. These self-contained product demonstrations ensure that your product’s best features are showcased the right way every time.

Sales Tools

Your success depends on your sales team’s ability to quickly engage a customer, concisely answer questions about the product, and position your solution against competitive products. To achieve these objectives, your sales team needs:

  • Data Sheets — Introduce a potential customer to the product. A salesperson can use a data sheet as a take-away they provide to the customer on first contact to prompt an initial discussion.
  • Customer Presentations — Equip stakeholders with an overview of the business problem the product or service addresses, and the solution’s unique defining characteristics. A salesperson can use a customer presentation to open a dialog with a potential customers’ project team.
  • Competitive Battlecards — Arm your salesperson with the competitive knowledge they need to handle customer objections, counter FUD raised by competitors, and position your product to successfully close the sale.

Eirnin Consulting creates sales tools and new sales hire training that deliver the critical knowledge your sales team needs to successfully position and sell your product. Effective tools and training enable a salesperson to get up to speed quickly, to avoid customer confusion and frustration, and generate revenue faster.

Client Testimonial

“I highly recommend Brendon. He is passionate about his work, making a difference and is extremely professional. In both a Product Manager and Product Marketing capacity Brendon delivered both internally and for our customers. He is also very technical and has the unique ability to take very difficult concepts (cryptography) and make them easy to understand for a non-technical audience.”

- Mike Rogers, Director of Sales, PGP Corporation