About Us

BrendonWilsonHeadshotEirnin Consulting is led by Brendon Wilson. Over the past decade, Brendon has worked in roles ranging from software development to product marketing/product management at software startups in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the British West Indies. Brendon holds both a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc Honours, SFU, 1999) specializing in Engineering Science, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA, UBC, 2003).

This diverse background provides Eirnin Consulting with the deep business and technical background that allows us to not only understand customers’ needs, but also understand the technologies and implementation strategies required to build a solution that addresses those needs. Brendon’s combined engineering and business backgrounds allow Eirnin Consulting to create a comprehensive vision of a solution, succinctly communicate the business and technology requirements, and define and execute an implementation plan to achieve the desired result for the customer and the business.

Client Testimonial

Brendon is an inspiration to work with. He consistently exceeds expectations and is always looking for opportunities to innovate and improve. Brendon's ability to communicate clearly and effectively to varied audiences is strength that can't be underestimated.

- Kevin Bocek, PGP Corporation